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Great legends never die, but instead are passed through generations to live and enrich the lives of other…such is the legacy of Art Porter Sr. and Art Porter Jr. Though, both Arts have transitioned to a higher realm of life, their spirit and legacy inspired family and friends to establish a vehicle by which their love of music can be continued. Thus the Art Porter Music Education, Inc. (APME), a 501(c)(3) corporation was born.

Our purpose is based on the personal beliefs of both ARTS, that, "the road to musical excellence is through experiencing, understanding and appreciating all music.

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News Jan 15 2015

News Jan 15 2015

News Jun 11 2014


Prepare for a week of awe-inspiring performances during the 4th annual A WORK OF ART, July 28 – August 2, 2014 –featuring an all-star lineup of  award-winning, nationally renowned recording artists and talented Arkansas musicians at venues throughout the city!

Meet our 2014 scholarship recipient, Lawrence Edward Barnes III, an accomplished violinist who will be performing with our “Minors in Music” students!  

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